Caldwell Forge & Enamel  

                                                              About Us

  We are a husband and wife team located in the rolling hills of Northeast Mississippi.  Most of  our inspiration comes from nature, as we are avid runners, hikers, kayakers, and gardeners. Harrison works at the forge,bending steel and copper into intricate flowers, leaves, and other designs.Most of his work is done outdoors, where his inspiration started.  One of the things he loves about blacksmithing is the ability to recycle old metal into something beautiful, so, often, his finished products are made from metal he has "scrounged" or that people have found for him.  He also makes most of his own tools, and often spends almost as much time making specialized tongs, jigs, etc. as he does forming sculpture.


June practices the ancient art of enameling, fusing glass to copper or silver at temperatures around 1500 degrees. Once a painter, who still paints occasionally, she discovered enameling "by accident" when she took a course about ten years ago. Harrison was taking a blacksmithing course at the John C. Campbell Folk
School, and no painting classes were available.  The first day, at lunch, she met Harrison in the dining hall, grabbed his arm, and said "I have to get a kiln!" Her love of the art of enameling has only increased over the years.

            Together, they create one-of-a-kind works of art, made by hand and with care. Many pieces are a collaboration of ideas and design, the result of  discussions over coffee with sketches done on backs of envelopes, napkins, and occasionally even our sketchbooks!  Harrison makes all the copper or silver forms for June's enameling, so we like to say our pieces are handmade from the inside out!
            We see our art as an act of love, a way of sharing our vision with you. We hope you share our vision of a world full of beauty, of lasting quality, and of peace. It is a world we can create - together.

                                                              Our Professional Bios:
       We are often asked where we trained in art, learned our crafts, etc.  Here is a short list of places and teachers.
                          Drawing Instruction:                   J.C. McLeod                               

                          Blacksmithing Instruction:           John C. Campbell Folk School; Brasstown, NC

                          Studied With:                             Doug Hendrickson                           Bob Alexander
                                                                           Clay Spencer                                   Don Witzler
                                                                           Rick Jay                                          Gavin Harris
                                                                           Louis Mueller                                   Judy Berger 
                                                                           Ed Elam                                           Walt Hull
                                                                           Chuck Patrick                                   Jim Batson                  


                           Art Instruction:                         University of South Alabama; Mobile, AL

                           Drawing/Painting Instruction:     Alan Young
                                                                           J.C. McLeod

                           Enameling Instruction:                John C. Campbell Folk School; Brasstown, NC

                           Studied With:                             Jean Tutor
                                                                            Averill Shepps
                                                                            Tom Ellis
                                                                            Jackie Spencer

                           Jewelry/Silver Instructors:           Cindy Moore

                                                           Past/Continuing Exhibits:

                           -Blacksmithing With a Southern Accent: Metalwork from the Southeast (through Sept. 15) -Traveling
                                       Exhibit;Madison, GA and the National Ornamental Metal Museum; Memphis, TN.
                           -Southeastern Blacksmith Conference; Madison, GA
                           -The Art of Healing Exhibit; Itawamba Community College; Fulton, MS
                           -Bankhead Gallery; New Albany, MS
                           -Southern Breeze Gallery; Jackson, MS
                           -The Gallery at Marimekko; Oxford, MS
                           -Durrette Gallery; Murfreesboro, TN
                           -Union Co. Heritage Museum; New Albany, MS
                           -Main Attraction; Tupelo, MS